Orlando, FL — Metrea Aerospace announced today the reveal of a next generation, ultimate-fidelity simulation and training platform — NOR. Created by Meta Immersive Synthetics, the NOR platform brings the cutting edge technology and accessibility of commercial gaming engines to the high-end military training and simulation market.

Metrea Immersive Synthetics combined the stunning visuals of the Unreal Engine with a proprietary physics-based model of the world, creating NOR – an ultimate fidelity simulation platform that can be used to simulate, train, or model anything across air, land, sea, space, and the electromagnetic spectrum.

“We’ve been engineering the NOR simulation platform with a focus on our ultimate-fidelity standard and an architecture that brings new levels of scalability to military simulation”, said Niclas Colliander, Managing Director at Meta Immersive Synthetics. “We built one of the hardest modules first – our Air Tactics Trainer – as a showcase of the NOR platform’s capabilities.”

The Air Tactics Trainer, revealed for the first time at I/ITSEC 2021, shows the stunning result of combining eye-watering graphics from the Unreal Engine with the physically accurate modeling of NOR. And because the platform is physics-based, it is built from the ground up to be multi-platform, multi-mission, and multi-domain.

“Much of the military training and simulation ecosystem is stuck in the past — relying on hugely expensive simulation software built by aircraft manufacturers,” said Dr. Daniel Malmquist, Executive Director for Technology at Meta Immersive Synthetics. “At the same time, impressive-looking consumer simulation platforms that benefit from rich ecosystems and vibrant customer communities also have deep structural limitations. These limit their fidelity and quality of training, their scalability, and their suitability for use by sophisticated militaries across the free world.”

Colliander, a former Swedish Air Force pilot, brings a unique perspective to the simulation mission space. As an active duty pilot, he was struck by the fact that his personal video gaming system at home was more advanced than the fighter simulators he was training on in the military.

“Every pilot should have their own sim rig. With the availability of commercial gaming tech, and falling cost of professional grade VR headsets, we can outfit a whole squadron of pilots with their own personal sim rigs for less than the cost of some legacy simulators,” said Colliander. “Coupling that with the deep operational knowledge and technical expertise across all of our sister business units at Meta, allows us to really shoot for the ‘holy grail’ in military simulation.”

Released at I/ITSEC 2021, the NOR simulation platform is built on the Unreal Engine, the world-leading commercial gaming engine, which ensures it will continue to benefit from ongoing investments into immersive simulation technology.

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