Space-Based ISR as a Service

Metrea customizes an integrated product package to deliver our synthetic aperture radar (SAR) technology at tactical speeds without the constraint of price per image.​

  • Satellite Technology
  • Automated Satellite Operations
  • SAR Processor
  • Satellite Capacity Pricing Model
  • Highest Quality Imagery & Data
  • Tactical Direct Downlink

Metrea’s radar satellite technology enables the tactical user to see deeper and see farther, securely. Collections can be made globally in all weather conditions during both day and night.

Operating one radar satellite is a challenge; operating a fleet is unprecedented. Our cloud-based solutions will automate satellite operations across our fleet, streamlining satellite scheduling, collections, and downlinking.

We prioritize three tactical user objectives: image quality, speed, and geolocation accuracy. Our GPU-driven SAR processor autonomously extracts the full stack of data collected by the satellite, delivering high quality, actionable intelligence within minutes.

We offer a satellite capacity-based pricing model that assures timely satellite access and responsiveness. The tactical user can scale-up and scale-down as needed.

Our solution designed to make SAR simple for the tactical user through processing automation - detecting small changes in the scene not noticeable in viewable imagery products at machine speeds.

Our Tactical Ground Station provides assured and timely access to intelligence - enabling situational awareness within minutes. We direct downlink to the tactical edge network.

A User-Centric End to End Solution

Metrea has removed the burden of designing a bespoke system for gathering intelligence. Instead of commissioning images or even an entire satellite for your specific needs, our partners can tap into our engine and request customized information.

Graphical User Interface


“Doordash for Satellites”

Spark is a graphical user interface, with dynamic mission planning and direct tasking that can be accessed directly or integrate with existing systems. Its user-centric approach gives customers assured and priority access to space-based radar data.

  • Direct-to-satellite tasking capability​
    Simple user interface​
    Can be integrated with existing tactical systems – such as ATAK​
    Assures satellite priority and access for the tactical user​
Virtual Mission Operations


“Operations as a service”
Bifrost is a scalable, cost-effective satellite operations solution that delivers increased responsiveness to the user.​

  • Virtual Operations Center – infrastructure as a service (IaaS) in AWS GovCloud deploys a highly available Virtual Operations Center (VOC) with test and production environments​
    Flight Dynamics – perform OD from GPS data, generate ephemeris, TLE’s, visibilities, maneuver and burn plans​
    Mission Planning – configurable mission profiles allow a customer to choose their pass cadence against various Ground Station as a Service providers​
    Command & Control – integrate with cloud C2 providers for event driven procedure execution​
    Anomaly Monitoring & Control – analyze ground and spacecraft telemetry to kickoff recovery procedures and alert on-call personnel if necessary​
Tactical Ground Station


Clutch directly delivers SAR data to a customer’s area of interest to ensure timely and assured access to space-based ISR.

  • Tailorable Solution Set – Enables “bolt on” direct tasking, downlinking, and on-site data processing capability with nearly any existing ground station ​
  • Tactical Ground Stations – MOFX is developing a line of rugged, ultra-lightweight, low-cost ground stations that can be setup in a matter of minutes. MOFX ground stations can integrate with additional Earth Observation providers

End State

Metrea customizes an integrated product package to deliver our SAR technology at tactical speeds without the constraint of price per image.​ We disseminate SAR data directly into desired user TCPED workflows for exploitation and/or direct to tactical fires systems.

  • Fast Delivery – Cloud based KML Streaming provides up to date access to SAR imagery as it becomes available​
  • Recognize high-fidelity targets from SAR data​
  • Extract Cat-1 coordinate data from detected objects  ​
  • Feed call for fire systems – such as AFATDS​
  • Flexibility – Stream imagery, targeting results, data layers, or other geo information straight to users.
  • Demonstrated in Google Earth, WinTAK, and ATAK.
  • Secure Architecture – Can be hosted on an internal network

Our Stack of Space-Based ISR Capabilities

Metrea provides unique solutions for space ISR through our end-to-end user solution. Our services are user centric, downlinked to users, and user-owned.

  • Level 2 - Build and Engineer
  • Level 4 - Operate and Sustain
  • Level 5 - Affect and Evolve

Level 2 - Build and Engineer

Metrea has built a user-centric interface, designed for the direct solutions customers desire. End-state users can see where exactly their satellite tasking request is and at what priority level, either on their desktop or secure mobile device. Metrea designed this interface to make receiving real-time intelligence as simple as ordering a pizza from a phone.

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Level 4 - Operate and Sustain

Metrea’s SAR intelligence solution is offered as a service. We provide highest quality images fast and on demand in order to satisfy our partners and ensure our service continues to remain vital. Metrea prides itself on delivering precise and accurate intelligence, beyond the capabilities of the current market. We also provide secure solutions – our architecture can be hosted on internal networks with military-level encryption. By offering flexible methods of delivery and customizable intelligence gathering, our partners receive actionable intelligence that can be readily to integrated into existing workflows.

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Level 5 - Affect and Evolve

By building our own user-direct interface, Metrea can continue to evolve our own solution and services required by our partners. Our solutions are not stagnant; instead we are continually refining and tweaking our services to meet the demands of the problem space.


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Adaptation, Accelerated.

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