Adaptation, Accelerated.

Global entropy is stressing the institutions of the free world. The world is at its most complex and volatile state in the past century; the number of threats, as well as their origin, nature, and potency are as diverse and problematic as they have ever been.

Simultaneously, the locus of innovation has left industrial-age governments behind. Instead, it is in the information-age commercial sector that innovation is flourishing at speed and scale.

Competitors and challengers to democracies worldwide are increasingly adept at leveraging this. Threats became fast. Democracies cannot afford to stay slow.

Metrea is built on the idea that commercial business models are the only way to deliver outsized contributions for the free world to defend its people, values, and interests.

For us, that commercial model is founded on our full stack of capabilities and service-based delivery. It is what provides Metrea with both the means and the motivation to always anticipate and generate the effects our customers’ security relies on.

Our modus operandi

Elegant Solutions to Wicked Problems

We continually scan the globe for the most challenging national security problems. We address these problems with solutions that strive for elegance. Effective, efficient, and ever-evolving solutions that allow us to do way more, with way less.

It is this approach that makes Metrea our customers’ source for outsized, asymmetric advantage.

The metrea difference

A Full Stack of Capabilities

Our customers are continually exposed to rapidly evolving threats.

Wherever Metrea chooses to deliver solutions, we focus on building out vertically integrated “full stacks” of capability. We design, build, and operate turnkey solutions that allow our customers to dynamically adjust the capacity they need from us, while benefiting from ever-evolving cycles of continuous capability development.

Our flexible and responsive full stack of capabilities puts operators and engineers under one roof, giving Metrea the unique ability to both see what innovations are needed, and be able to do something about it. These insight-to-innovation cycles between the lab and the field are what we call connecting design with effect.

In today’s fast world, our customers need solutions that can anticipate and consistently outpace threats.

the metrea difference

Partners, with Skin in the Game

We are partners, not contractors, delivering commercial solutions in a way that incentivizes us to constantly innovate, and do so before it becomes critical to our customers. The spearhead of our commercial model is effects-as-a-service: making every Metrea solution available on a subscription basis that customers can opt in and out of. Metrea was deliberately founded to accept this risk—to put our own skin in the game—and turn it into a key motivator for continuous innovation. We are always proactively adapting our solutions to keep driving effectiveness and efficiency gains for the benefit of our customers.

As partners, our success is fully aligned with that of our customers.

Metrea By The Numbers

As our customers’ needs have grown, so have we. We are continually adding new solutions and developing our capabilities to best fulfill our customers’ demands.


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Locations Worldwide


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Training Events per Year

What Defines a Full Stack?

Metrea offers a unique stack of capabilities and services from a wide range of domains and mission themes.

  • Level 0 - Design and Architect
  • Level 1 - Acquire and Manage
  • Level 2 - Build and Engineer
  • Level 3 - Test, Train, and Develop
  • Level 4 - Operate and Sustain
  • Level 5 - Affect and Evolve

Level 0 - Design and Architect

Our work begins when confronted with a wicked problem for our customers. We root our analysis in our customers’ desired effects, and from there we synthesize concepts of operations and capability requirements into elegant solutions that can generate asymmetric effects.

Our full-stack approach means that our design is informed by our actual, constant field exposure. And our partnership, as-a-service business model means that we design knowing that Metrea will own a significant part of our solutions’ risk.

For Example: Airborne ISR

We analyze our customers’ needs to derive concepts of operations, technical requirements, and precise solutions for cutting-edge airborne ISR.

Level 1 - Acquire and Manage

We combine deep financial expertise with our seasoned program management, supply-chain, and logistics teams to provide our customers with the ability to turn concepts into programs.

Our full-service acquisition, operations, and program support spans the US, UK, Europe, and Asia, with true global operating experience.

For Example: Airborne ISR

We provide our customers with full-service military aircraft acquisition, modification, integration, and operations support.

Level 2 - Build and Engineer

Metrea brings together the world’s best operators and engineers under the same roof to connect design with effect. The foundation of our rapid innovation cycle is rooted in building solutions that actually solve our partners’ problems.

We prototype and engineer new capabilities in-house, harnessing the commercial innovation cycle to provide our partners leading-edge technologies and highly-adaptive operational solutions.

For Example: Airborne ISR

Metrea can engineer and build airborne ISR platforms through our Engineering and Tech Services teams inside Metrea Aviation Services.

Level 3 - Test, Train, and Develop

We test what we build, training our customers on our solutions and others that form part of their capability set. We jointly develop the tactics, techniques, and procedures that will maximize our customers’ operational effectiveness.

Our training starts in the classroom, extends to the exercise field and, finally, deploys to our customers’ operating locations. Metrea’s instructors and mentors are as essential to our customers as they are to our own operators and engineers.

For Example: Airborne ISR

Our team of expert pilots, sensor operators, and SIGINT SMEs conduct real-world scenarios – whether it’s in the classroom, on land, or in the air – to ensure our partners in the field will be fully mission-capable.

Level 4 - Operate and Sustain

Working in tandem with our customers, we take on the responsibility of operating and sustaining our solutions ourselves, allowing our partners to rely on the agile capacity and adaptive capability that our model provides.

Our team has deep expertise in deploying GOGO, GOCO, COGO, and COCO solutions, per our customers’ preferences. Our operational mission expertise extends across air, space, and ground-delivered ISR and EW, to mobility missions that span from the special to the strategic.

For Example: Airborne ISR

We deliver turnkey airborne Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) solutions to our defense partners – from design and integration, to operations and sustainment – in austere expeditionary environments.

Level 5 - Affect and Evolve

Our solutions are designed for effect, making the final mission application and delivery of those desired ends an essential part of our stack. Our teams’ mission expertise ensures that the end-product of our solution, whether that is intelligence or people and equipment delivered, is always included in Metrea’s turnkey solutions.

Delivering the effects ourselves is also a crucial part of our ability to pull insight from the field, and turn it into innovation, in a DevOps cycle that perpetually links the beginning and end of our capability stack.

For Example: Airborne ISR

With our deep roots in the special operations community we analyze, test, integrate, and deliver actionable data to our SOF customers to meet their greatest technical challenges.

Metrea’s Business Model

Metrea extends its commitment as far as our customers need us to, and stacks its services as deeply as required to provide turnkey effects. Our team has deep expertise in designing and flexibly deploying GOGO, GOCO, COGO, and COCO solutions, as required by our customers.

Our Customers

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Adaptation, Accelerated.

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