Metrea Mission Data has been key in providing defense with critical operational training support.

Our team has supported the provision of Close Air Support (CAS) and Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) emulation of UK and other Nations’ CAS and ISR platforms, and aircrew tactics and procedures, for British Army Collective Training Group training events in the UK and Kenya. In doing so we have delivered live sorties exposing UK Land forces to the most realistic and comprehensive training environment possible.

Our collective, highly-regarded training provision provides realistic input and workload supporting the British Army’s ability to learn and develop in a training environment, and giving our soldiers the skills and confidence for when they are next called upon for real.

Metrea Mission Data’s contribution, on the ground and in the Air was judged by HQ Field Army to be exceptional and has made a significant contribution in meeting the Force Generation of UK Land Forces.

Case Study - Close Air Support (CAS) for British Army Collective Training Group