Washington, DC – Meta Aerospace is excited to announce that it has renamed itself as Metrea.

“We have reached a new phase in our growth where we need a name that is all our own, one that speaks to the core of what we’re about,” said Justin Johnson, Deputy Head of Strategy at Metrea.

“Metrea exists for the sole purpose of translating the dynamism and innovation of the commercial sector into solutions for our national security partners. As Metrea is growing rapidly within existing mission areas, we will also be revealing some exciting new capabilities very soon. Our name reflects the inspiration behind our business model and credo – Adaptation, Accelerated – making this a particularly exciting point in our company’s evolution.”

Metrea’s characteristic full-stack model pairs field exposure with technical depth, affording it with unique insights into the most critical national security needs, and providing it with the capabilities to then innovate for them. Delivering the company’s capabilities as-a-service has created an unparalleled alignment of incentives between Metrea and its government customers, ensuring the most rapid and proactive insight-to-innovation cycle in defense today.

Currently, Metrea provides effects-as-a-service to national security partners in four domains and over a dozen mission-centric solution areas, including airborne ISR, aerial refueling, electronic warfare, communications, space-based ISR, and advanced simulation.

Metrea is headquartered in Washington, DC with facilities across the United States, the United Kingdom, and the EU.

Inquiries – communications@metrea.aero