September 8, 2023, Washington, DC — Today Metrea announced that the Defense Innovation Unit (DIU) recently selected Metrea Simulations (MSIM) as the sole software provider for their Virtual Training for Air Dominance (VTRAD) program, in support of the 19th Air Force and the U.S. Air Force Air Education and Training Command (AETC). Using NOR, MSIM’s simulation platform, VTRAD will enable affordable and scalable ultimate-fidelity training for Air Force fighter and bomber pilots in training. MSIM will deliver a high-fidelity virtual T-38C flight model and cockpit prototype as well as a synthetic training environment that can support the virtual training syllabus events of FBF.

The NOR simulation platform leverages the power of the commercial gaming ecosystem, using Unreal Engine 5 to deliver fully immersive and physics-based simulation, from an individual pilot with a VR headset, through mixed-reality sim rigs, up to full physical simulators.

“Billions of users around the world are driving constant innovation in the commercial gaming ecosystem, but all too often military simulation users are stuck decades behind,” said Niclas Colliander, Managing Director, MSIM. “With NOR, Metrea has been building a simulation platform for military users that will constantly benefit from the improvements of the commercial gaming industry. We are super excited to partner with DIU and the 19th Air Force to deliver this capability to help new pilots train better, faster, and orders-of-magnitude more affordably.”

Metrea Simulations will be demoing NOR at AFA’s Air, Space, and Cyber Conference next week, at booth #202. Contact to reserve a time slot on the sim rigs.

About Metrea

Metrea Simulations (MSIM) was established with the aim of leveraging the power and innovation of the commercial gaming ecosystem to support better simulation tools for national security users. MSIM has built their simulation platform, called NOR, on top of Unreal Engine, one of the leading commercial gaming engines.

Metrea Simulations is a part of Metrea. Metrea provides effects-as-a-service to national security partners in five domains and over a dozen mission-centric solution areas, including airborne ISR, electronic warfare, communications, aerial refueling, space-based ISR, and advanced simulation. MSIM is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden in order to benefit from the strong gaming industry. Metrea is headquartered in Washington, DC with facilities across the United States, the United Kingdom, and the EU.