Kilter, Metrea Mission Data’s Tactical Data Link (TDL) Test and Readiness Service is a radical, cost-effective and highly flexible approach to TDL testing.

A cohesive service that encompasses a comprehensive array of engineering assurance and operational evaluation testing which comprises specialist people, proven process and world class tools, Kilter offers a deployable, scalable and integrated testing capability, only when you need it.

Kilter enables an organization to technically, and therefore financially, de-risk a Link 16 solution by providing iterative test assurances, increasing supplier confidence of achieving a successful delivery and operational evaluation outcome. Our team’s specialist testing knowledge, experience and training minimizes (and could eliminate) the need for a supplier to otherwise expend significant effort and cost in planning and engaging in their own extensive testing training in principles, and on test product familiarization, and all without the benefit of the necessary experience.

Kilter - TDL Test and Readiness Service