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The NOR platform delivers the next generation in simulation and training. We link defense with state-of-the-art commercial gaming technologies, exposing defense to the fast-paced innovation cycles of the consumer gaming space.

We connect our simulation platform with deep domain and mission expertise throughout the company, by doing so we achieve an unparalleled level of fidelity and immersion.

And we designing for scale: seamlessly adding complexity as hardware improves, without rebuilding the platform.

The foundation of our commercial model is effects-as-a-service: making every Metrea solution available on a subscription basis so that customers can opt in and out. As partners, our success is fully aligned with that of our customers.

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NOR: An Advanced Simulation and Training Program

The NOR platform brings the cutting edge technology, scalability and accessibility of commercial game engines to the high-end military training and simulation market. The age of having one simulator per squadron has passed. With the NOR platform, every pilot is able to have access to their own simulator.

Metrea has created the next generation simulation platform to provide an immersive environment for high fidelity simulation in all domains across across air, land, sea, and EMS. Harnessing the commercial power of gaming by using Unreal Engine, the NOR platform takes simulation to the next level. With ultimate fidelity and a focus on training effects, NOR can help customers achieve training goals far more effectively and affordably.


Training Modules

The Air Tactics Trainer (ATT) is the first simulation module developed by Metrea for NOR. The first iteration is based on the F-16 block 50; however, any modern aircraft can be simulated in the environment. Metrea can flexibly integrate the NOR simulation and flight modeling with existing third-party simulators.

The Joint Terminal Attack Controller Trainer (JTACT) is a natural addition to the expanding suite of NOR training simulators. The high cost of flying modern combat aircraft has placed a premium on realistic, affordable training for JTACs and Forward Air Controllers.

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